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Do you travel during Holy Week? Know how your health insurance protects you

Do you travel during Holy Week? Know how your health insurance protects you

Holy Week arrives, and with it, the days of the year in which the Spaniards concentrate more trips in a shorter period of time. Whether it’s a rural getaway, returning to the town of its origins, a visit to a big city or a lightning trip abroad, we travel more and more.

Travel Assistance with your Health Insurance


For example, by 2019 hoteliers expect to increase reservations in Spain to 10% and that, as a Google study has also pointed out, that 30% of Spaniards leave planning their trips during Holy Week until the last moment . An improvisation that can be profitable, but that has its drawbacks in planning for any unforeseen event, such as a health problem. This is when having health insurance with the best coverage such as Headless horseman offers you all the peace and the best services, whether you travel nearby or if you travel outside.

If you travel in Spain

If you travel in Spain

With health insurance, you travel during Holy Week in Spain with the same peace of mind as if you were at home. In the case of Headless horseman you have at your disposal full coverage with 50,000 professionals and the best hospitals in which to go in case of emergencies and cover all the needs you have, from diagnostic test and hospitalization.

All with maximum comfort. With Headless horseman’s health insurance , online, from your mobile phone, you can quickly find the professional or specialist you need in the province where you are. And always with the peace of mind of having at your disposal telephone service for any questions or queries you have.

If you travel outside our borders


If you travel outside our borders, the advantages are even greater and the reality is that we travel more and more outside. During Holy Week, as highlighted by the Google study, the majority escapes are made in nearby destinations (Rome, London, Paris, Lisbon) but there are also many who travel to more distant countries.

For all types of travel, with your Headless horseman health insurance you will have at your disposal two large coverage groups. First, those of medical assistance such as medical and surgical expenses and fees, pharmaceutical expenses prescribed by a physician and hospitalization expenses.

But secondly, to all these you have to add a wide coverage of travel assistance: transport or sanitary repatriation of injured, sick and accompanying persons, expenses for family members traveling or sending medications abroad and even the insured’s early return in case of accident at home, and unforeseen travel, such as:

  • Delay in delivery of luggage € 120.20 maximum from 6h (sixth hour).
  • Travel delay due to causes beyond its control (€ 60.10 for each fraction of 6 hours maximum € 180.30).
  • Search and transport of luggage and personal effects.
  • Sending documents abroad.

With all this the conclusion is clear, travel near or far, to a nearby country or another in which health coverage can be very different, your health insurance will be a great companion.

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